I’ve started a new project a full 3D printed robot capable of moving around avoiding objects, keeping track of his position and shooting pictures of the surrounding enviroment, then sending the images back on a server via a custom 2.4Ghz channel for fisheye correction, photo geotagging and positional data, the robot is equipped with a GoPro as main camera, 2 Front led’s for detecting distance as well as object angle and a sonar for fixing the unreliable distance that came off the 2 leds (refractometer) and also for avoiding translucent objects. The robot has also a separate radio channel at 433MHz for remote motion controlling, is packed with 6 LiPo batteries for an estimated battery life of 1 hour of live image feeding.

On the server side, there is a dual cpu, dual core IBM Intel Zeon server that mount a custom version of Ubuntu Server and a custom USB-Radio interface, it uses custom (Python/C++) script to get the images, correct the FishEye and compress them, and then they are sent to another applet that merges the images with the distance and location data from the various sensors, and after the acquisition is ended it process them as a unique STL file, having then a 3D model (Detailed) of the surrounding area. Is in beta at this moment so the max resolution of the output model is 25k points * square meter, it can go further but from the computational side, it requires a lot of cpu power that currently i do not have, since the project is offline based. (My network connection in Italy is a painful bottleneck since my upload stays around 56Kb/s and the datastream is in the order of 10-20 Mb/s)

The possible uses, well just think about the VR, having yourself immerged in a room that is potentially your room, since the cost of the robot is around 150$ not including the camera and the sever.
Other uses are pretty endless.